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Future Cities Competition

  • 17 Jan 2015
  • 8:00 AM
  • Carnegie Music Hall - Oakland

Volunteers are needed for the following event day activities:

  • Model and Presentation Judge - These volunteers are to be engineers or architects.  They will hear 5-7 schools present their Physical Models on event day.  There is a committee of 5-6 volunteers who hear the students present, and you get to ask the students questions and hear their answers on their city designs.  Many of our veteran volunteers find this to be very rewarding.  
  • Special Awards Judge -  These volunteers spend event day roaming each and every single schools model, judging for a single "Special Award" such as "Best Moving Part".  These volunteers love their ability to explore the Music Hall and to observe each and every school's model and talk to the students. 
  • Room Judging Coordinator -  These are our well organized and structured volunteers.  This role also gets you into seeing the Physical Model presentations without needing to be an engineer or an architect.  You keep the schools and judges on time and with the proper paperwork.  
  • General Volunteer - Other volunteers are needed such as Score Keepers, Exhibit Area Controls Volunteers, volunteers to move the Physical Models to and from judging areas,  as well as helping with event day registration.  These volunteers have the opportunity to see how the entire event unfolds and get the full experience of a big event at the Carnegie Music Hall and Foyer.

For general competition information, please visit:  http://futurecity.org/

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