"Frozen" Parody for Engineers: "Do You Want to Build a Highway?"

09 Feb 2015 6:01 PM | ASCE Blog Editor (Administrator)

Article by Djuna Gulliver (Adapted from Rhea Engineers and Consultants)

Those with young children and those young at heart may well know the tune “Do you want to build a snowman” from Disney’s 2014 animated hit, “Frozen.”  Since then, numerous parodies of the song have been made. But Rhea Engineers and Consultants engineer, Angelica Perez De La Rosa, from the Washington, D.C. area, made a parody that most ASCE members can relate to: “Do you want to build a highway?”

The music video features a young and eager engineer, played by Angelica, who is enthusiastic about initiating a new project.  She tries to coax her reclusive supervisor, played by William Johnson, PE, out of his office, where he spends his days invoicing. See the music video here.

ASCE reports the music parody video has struck a chord with grade school children.  The music parody video has won Honorable Mention in an ASCE nationwide music video contest.  The ASCE music video contest had over 30 entries with two winners and four honorable mentions. The other winning entries can be found on ASCE’s YouTube Channel.

Rhea hopes that music parody video will increase interest in engineering among young children. Please share the video with other future engineers.    

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