10th Annual Dodgeball Tournament Highlights Teamwork and Creativity

24 Mar 2016 11:50 AM | ASCE Blog Editor (Administrator)

By Louis Gualtieri, P.E.

The Pittsburgh Section American Society of Civil Engineers Younger Member Forum (YMF) hosted their 10th Annual Dodgeball Tournament on Saturday February 20th, 2016 held on CMU’s campus.  

This year 6 teams partook in the tournament.  The tournament began with a round robin to seed the teams going into the playoffs, similar to what you would see in FIFA’s World Cup.  The eventual winner was Slumdodgeball Millionaires (seen left with their championship trophy) defeating Off Constantly, and yes those were the team names.

In the Mass Dodgeball tournament in between the round robin round and the playoff bracket, it was every man (and woman) for themselves.  The last man standing was Sam North, a student from the University of Pittsburgh team (The Dodgefathers).  

The prize, in addition to the medal and bragging rights, was tickets to the Mattress Factory contemporary art museum and experimental lab.

The YMF’s annual Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Ticket Raffle (tickets donated by HDR, Inc.) was pulled at the dodgeball tournament with two winners selected, each winning a pair of tickets.  The winners were Shirley Clapperton (ticket sold by YMF President Elect, Lou Gualtieri) and Mark Burkhart (ticket sold by YMF Treasurer & Dodgeball Committee Chair, Jeff Argyros.)  

The YMF also thanks Papa John’s Pizza who donated pizzas for the event; the pizzas were sold as a fundraiser.

All participants had inspired fun exercising mind and body, and making new friends and colleagues among the next generation of Pittsburgh Civil Engineers.  

Follow YMF to see what they will do next year!

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