Remembering Dr. Elio D'Appolonia

With deep sadness we convey that Dr. Elio D'Appolonia passed away on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at the age of 97.

Dr. Elio D’Appolonia, known to his friends and colleagues as D’App, was a professor, consultant and mentor to generations of civil engineers. Through his “Monitored Decisions” approach, D’App proposed innovative solutions to numerous engineering problems; through his generosity of spirit he bestowed legions of engineers his knowledge and practical approach to our profession. Dr. D’Appolonia is an internationally recognized figure in the geotechnical engineering community.  For more about the life and work of D'App, please enjoy this brief biography

Dr. D'Appolonia was honored as one of the 5 Geo-Pioneers of Pittsburgh at the Association of Engineering Geologists National Conference in Pittsburgh in September 2014.  Video of the presentation can be found here. He also served as on the ASCE National Board of Directors from 1987-1989.

We hereby invite all willing to share memories, stories, and anecdotes commemorating the life of one of our Geo-Legends, Dr. Elio D’Appolonia via the forum below.

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