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    Camping Trip FAQs:

    The campsite is located approximately 3 hours south of Pittsburgh at the Brooklyn Heights Campground just outside the entrance to the Fernow Experimental Forest. We ask that all registrants read the rules of campground prior to signing up: https://www.brooklynheightscamp.com/rules-cautions

    Any questions contact Tom Batroney at tom.batroney@hdrinc.com

    Some General FAQs (last updated 8/29/2023):

    What kind of camping is it? The campsites are primitive suited for tents and hammocks. There are cabins available for rent on the premises however, you will need to reserve these on your own if you wish to have a cabin. Please let us know if you do this so we can keep you in the loop!

    Are friends and family welcome? Yes, but we ask that you limit to just one guest due to limited space.

    Are pets welcome? Yes, but the campground requires all pets to be on leash at all times. Please read rules pertaining to pets.

    What about food and beverages? Bring your own food and drinks. Alcohol is permitted. Each campsite has a small fire pit which can be used for cooking.

    What time should I arrive? Check in at the campground is at noon on Friday but you may arrive whenever you wish. Keep in mind sunset is at 6:54 this weekend. Give yourself enough time to setup your tent. Check-in is self-serve. A camp map of our reserved campsites will be provided prior to the trip.

    What about parking and carpooling? Each campsite is limited to one car, but there is additional parking on the edge of the campground. We will be distributing a carpooling list prior to the camping trip to encourage folks to ride share. If you would like to attend the camping trip but do not have a car contact Tom. We will work it out!

    What sort of equipment should I bring? Stuff to camp for two days! Here’s a list to start: a tent or hammock, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, layers of clothes, multiple pairs socks, rain gear, hiking boots, flashlight, toilet paper, a roll of paper towel, mess kit, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, water bottle, cooler, external cellphone battery charger, etc. Will we have a bag of tools and a first aid kit for everyone to use.

    What about bathrooms? Only port-a-johns are available on the campsite. No showers. So, prepare to rough it for a day. Or feel free to cool off in the river! Running water is available near the office cabin.

Past events

20 Apr 2023 EWRI Smart Sewers TechTalk
30 Mar 2023 2023 Pennsylvania Stormwater Summit
15 Oct 2022 Clean Water Act 50th Anniversary Festival
06 May 2021 11th Annual Sustainability Conference: Building and Planning for a Healthy and Equitable Future
23 Oct 2020 Power Skills Workshop - Effective Communication
20 Nov 2019 Controlling Lead in Drinking Water with Orthophosphate: Are There Impacts on Urban Stream Health?
15 Jun 2019 River Cleanup
19 May 2019 EWRI National Congress
06 Mar 2019 10th Annual Sustainability Conference - Smart Cities: Transforming Cities for a New Era
11 Feb 2019 EWRI February GBM
12 Dec 2018 Planning for Success in an Uncertain Future
15 Oct 2018 When Drinking Water Became Safer: A Free Online Webinar
26 Jul 2018 Urban Green Infrastructure Workshop
21 Mar 2018 EWRI General Body Meeting
14 Dec 2017 EWRI GBM
16 Nov 2017 Annual Sustainability Conference
26 Oct 2017 EWRI '17-'18 Kickoff Event
09 Aug 2017 What’s New in Flood Protection?
17 Jun 2017 EWRI River Sweep
04 May 2017 Tech Talk: Complete Streets
07 Mar 2017 EWRI General Body Meeting
19 Jan 2017 EWRI Tech Talks: Legal Considerations for Utility Coordination
24 Oct 2016 Green Infrastructure Tour and Dinner Seminar
06 Oct 2016 CANCELLED - EWRI Tech Talks
19 May 2016 8th Annual Sustainability Conference
17 Mar 2016 EWRI / GI Joint Dinner Meeting
04 Nov 2015 ACE Mentoring: Water Resources
20 Oct 2015 EWRI Lunch and Technical Seminar: Water Reuse - Oxelia Filtration System
05 May 2015 7th Annual Sustainability Conference: Practical and Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Communities
16 Apr 2015 CANCELLED - EWRI Dinner & Seminar: Innovative Disinfection
09 Apr 2015 EWRI CMU Networking Event
12 Feb 2015 EWRI Breakfast Seminar: Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Drinking Water and Wastewater
21 Jan 2015 ACE Mentoring - Water Resources
18 Dec 2014 December EWRI Meeting
03 Dec 2014 EWRI Student-Professional Networking Event
03 Dec 2014 Open Access Journals in Water Resources
15 Nov 2014 Epanet modeling workshop
30 Oct 2014 CANCELLED - Innovative Disinfection Seminar
23 Oct 2014 October EWRI Meeting
11 Sep 2014 Dinner and Seminar: Development and Remediation for Brownfields
04 Sep 2014 EWRI-PGH Green Infrastructure Lunch Seminar
24 Apr 2014 CMU-EWRI Networking Event
29 Mar 2014 HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS Workshop
27 Mar 2014 EWRI Sustainability Conference
07 Feb 2014 Potential Water Quality Impacts from Leaking Sewers
04 Dec 2013 EWRI Formal Networking Event
27 Aug 2013 Storm Water Certification Courses
18 Apr 2013 What is a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)?
31 Jan 2013 EWRI Board Meeting
13 Dec 2012 12th Annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Smart Growth Conference
08 Nov 2012 Pumping Systems Design for Civil Engineers
12 Oct 2012 The 5th Annual Sustainability Conference
26 Jul 2012 EWRI Board Meeting
12 Jun 2012 CANCELED: Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDLs) and Impacts to Regional Sewage & Stormwater Planning & Permitting
29 Apr 2012 CMU Summit on US-China Innovation and Entrepeneurship
28 Mar 2012 Dam Breach Analysis Using HEC-RAS
19 Jan 2012 Marcellus Shale Environmental & Geotechnical Impacts
10 Nov 2011 Innovative Stormwater Management Workshop
19 Oct 2011 Geosynthetics for Sediment Control, Erosion Prevention, and Stormwater Management
22 Sep 2011 EWRI 4th Annual Sustainability Conference
21 Jun 2011 The Formation of Stormwater Utilities
31 Mar 2011 Annual CSO Event
27 Jan 2011 Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Exploration and Environmental Impacts
18 Nov 2010 Geosynthetics for Sediment Control, Erosion Prevention and Stormwater Management
28 Oct 2010 Pennsylvania's Aging Water Infrastructure
09 Sep 2010 Pittsburgh Regional Water Conference (6 PDHs)
09 Mar 2010 Annual CSO/SSO Solutions Dinner - UPDATE
19 Jan 2010 Microturbine Technology for Utilization of Biogas to Create Sustainable Energy
03 Nov 2009 Stormwater Management in Sustainable Urban Design
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